At Home

After hours happily spent stitching, it’s nice to display our projects!

My At Home category includes canvases for coasters, pillows, bricks, stand ups, etc. Many of the designs can have multiple purposes, for instance, my Siena Elephant would make a handsome pillow or could be made into a handbag. (I have painted both a front and back for canvases in this series for the purpose of a two sided handbag). There is also overlap between this category and my Wearables so check out both and imagine the possibilities!

Coaster Series – I label these “coasters” as they are approximately 4” square, however, they could be finished for many various uses – inserts for trivets or trays, a stand up for decorative uses, framed – let your imagination go! In any case, the Bar coasters will bring a chuckle and the Duck head coasters will be a handsome accent to your home. All coaster canvases are on 18M and are sold separately.